Where Would We be Without Wayne?

I thought today we showed some of that old Fergie character, coming from 2 down to win 3-2. Overall, not a great performance and maybe a little fortunate to get all 3 points . The defence looks very suspect and I feel we are in real need of a top class central defender who can play next to Jones for the next 5-10 years. Rooney was yet again Man of the Match and we really have to ask ourselves, where would we be this season without him, so credit to D.M. for keeping him at United as for sure we would be closer to the bottom of the league than the top if Wayne had gone to Chelsea, and they would most likely be 6 points clear at the top if they had managed to get him. Let’s hope Wayne signs a new contract until the end of his career and can help the younger players develop at United to keep us a top 4 side , winning trophies for many years to come .