6 Reasons Fans Trust LVG More Than Moyes

Louis Van Gaal and David Moyes are roughly statistically matched at this point in the season with a few subtle differences. United currently sit in 4th place under LVG, whereas under “Moyeseh” we were 7th. This is obviously a major contributing factor as to why we, as fans, have contrasting perceptions on the two managers – despite the teams not playing much differently. Here I set out a few reasons as to why we seem to trust in Louis so much more than we ever did in David.

1. LVG has had success

Pretty obvious one this, as we all know David Moyes has never won a thing. LVG had won trophies at every club he has managed.

2. LVG appears more tactically astute

When the chips are down, LVG looks to change; something that Moyes never seemed to do (or maybe he did and it just never worked). I’ve heard arguments that LVG is over-tactical and he’s a bit of a tinkerman. This may, to a certain extent be true – he doesn’t quite seem to know what his best team is yet, which in all honesty is better than last year as we all knew what our best team was, and it wasn’t very good.

3. LVG has brought in big players

This particular factor may not be all down to Louis; it may have been Ed Woodward actually pulling his finger out for the incumbent manager. However this in itself raises an interesting question: did Woodward up his game for LVG because he respects him more than the Mr. Moyes?

4. The players believe in LVG more

No talk of mutiny this season, and it seems obvious that our players respect LVG and are readily available to articulate that to the press. They believe in his “philosophy” and seem genuinely encouraged by him.

5. LVG exudes confidence

Poor David Moyes. He always seemed like the job was far too big for him and shrank in the media spotlight. From the first day LVG came in it looked like he belonged here; he was cracking jokes at the media’s expense and owned the press conferences like a man who’d been here and done this before.

6. LVG came after Moyes, not Fergie

This one is where the onus is in us. We were told by the departing giant to believe in the new manager, and we tried (oh god did some of us try). However, somewhere in the back of our minds we were always cautious, always worrying and always aware that this wasn’t Fergie time. David Moyes always had the expectation on him to do the same as Fergie had done, no matter how outlandish that may now seem. In truth he was a buffer, the man to take the blame for the good times ending. He was always going to fail, and in doing so, gave us and LVG a chance to have a fresh start.