POLL: Who Should United Buy and Sell This Month?

LVG has indicated that he will tell his players who has a future at the club when they return from their US tour.

Here’s what the manager said:

“I shall make judgments after the tour…I have let all the players play so I know now more than I did before. But in football you have to judge. Always you have to give a chance to a player to make a transfer when you see that his perspective is not so high to play. You have to say it in advance. When you say it on 31 August it’s too late. I shall say to the players what I think after the tour.”

The tour will surely have given LVG a great insight into both the work ethic and natural talent of the 25 players who have been with him these last few weeks.

There have been many reports suggesting that Zaha will be let go. I have mixed feelings on him; he’s young and has never really been given a chance, and whilst I can’t see him fitting in this season, I would prefer to see him go out on loan again for a season and see how he does. What if he became the next Sturridge (a player that both Chelsea and City let go)? Maybe Chelsea would have in fact won the league last season if they had Sturridge in the line up instead of Ba or Torres, and I wouldn’t like to see United make a similar mistake with Zaha.

I think the obvious outs are Fellaini, Anderson and Nani, and possibly Chicharito too.

Who Should Man Utd Sell?

As to who we are buying… well that’s the six million dollar question.

I would like to see us buy 3 or 4 more players: 2 central defenders (Hummels and Vermaelen), Vidal as our midfield enforcer, and Di Maria as our forward who can play wide or down the middle.

Whilst Jones, Smalling and Evans have all done well these last few weeks, we cannot ignore the injury record of all three, and a lack of quality signings in this area of the team could come back to haunt us.

Fletcher has also performed well, and it’s great to see him re-establishing himself, but personally I think we would be kidding ourselves if we seriously think he’s a world class player and anywhere close to being in the same league as Vidal.

Di Maria would be our marquee signing; a statement to the world that Man Utd can sign the very best players, whether in Europe or not.

Who Should Man Utd Buy?

Are there other players you’d like to see us buy or sell that haven’t been mentioned here? Share your thoughts in the comments below…