What’s Up Doc?

For those of us who have followed United since long before the Ferguson era, the position we are in right now is a stark reminder of the times we longed to win just one title! Before 1993, it had taken twenty six years!

In 1974, one of our greatest heroes, Denis Law, back-heeled the ball into United’s goal while playing for City, to help condemn us to the then Second Division. Amazingly enough, the team did not collapse and sink to the lower echelons like Leeds, Portsmouth or Coventry.

In 1975, United won the second division as champions to storm back to Division One with a new-look team that mixed experience with exciting young players. The Greenhoffs, Coppell, Hill, Pearson, and, of course, Kevin Moran and Martin Buchan – the Vidic and Ferdinand of their day.

If not for Liverpool’s dominance during that era, who knows what this team could have added to the history of this great club. We even stopped Liverpool’s treble-winning season in 1977 by beating them in the FA Cup, and I still have my Wembley scarf from that day!

The worry is though, can David Moyes pull off the transformation needed as “The Doc” did forty years ago, or as Ferguson did in the late eighties?

Do Woodward & Moyes have the experience, charisma and know-how to buy the talent we need with the reputed £200 million kitty? Or will they be like those hapless lottery winners who buy five Audis and fourteen bedroom mansions – because they can, not because they need them?

I think Moyes will have one more season to get it right. After that, I am sure Fergie will be on the phone to Mourinho to ask if he wants the job he should have had in the first place. Whether he would agree to come is another matter.