Waiting for the Nightmare to End

I don’t know about you, but I really cannot wait for this nightmare season to be over.

Not only have our performances slipped to a standard we have not seen in 25 years, but, at the same time we, have had to watch our most bitter rivals thrash us home and away, and fight it out for the title.

It’s not just the fact that we are in 7th place; it’s the dreadful, negative style of football we have been playing whilst Liverpool, City and even Everton have had the general public drooling over their adventurous, attacking football.

People say “Why are you complaining? You have had so many years of success. It had to end sometime.” I don’t buy into that. Football is like any business today – it’s like Apple, IBM, Vodafone or whoever, and would the shareholders of these great corporations just accept total collapse in a matter of months, and allow their most bitter rivals to take over their market share? Of course not. So why should we accept that our reign is over? In my opinion, that’s a very backward and old-fashioned mentality, and one that should not even be considered in the United boardroom.

I am fairly convinced we will only have 5 more games to suffer under Moyes, and the Glazers will do the right thing and replace him with Van Gaal, Klopp or Simeone (don’t forget to vote in our ‘Who should replace Moyes?’ poll!) If they do, I am sure we can look forward to better things – certainly better than keeping Mr Negative.

I cannot believe the Glazers will settle for keeping a manager that no other top team in world football would consider hiring, so let’s hope the nightmare season ends with Chelsea as champions, Hull as cup winners, Atletico as Champions League winners and Moyes taking his place in the dole queue.