United invite Thai youth football team to Old Trafford after cave rescue

It’s probably fair to say it’s been an eventful period in the news recently – there’s been a seemingly never-ending heatwave happening, the British government is getting closer to chaos by the day, and, obviously, it’s coming home.

In amongst the stories on Brexit, climate change and the England’s progress in the 2018 World Cup, there’s also been a dramatic rescue operation unfolding in Thailand – 12 members of the Wild Boars Football Club, along with their coach, became trapped by floods over 2 weeks ago, but today their rescue was successfully completed.


The team had ventured into the cave complex to celebrate one of the boy’s birthday, but the flood that led to them becoming trapped also delayed attempts to free them.

Former elite Navy SEAL Saman Kunan tragically died over the weekend trying to save the boys, but, incredibly, after being stranded for more than 2 weeks, no other lives were lost.

FIFA quickly extended an invite to Sunday’s World Cup final, but that will come too soon – doctors have insisted the team – 2 of whom may be suffering from lung infections – will need to stay in hospital for at least a week.

But it looks like we’ll hopefully see them at Old Trafford in the coming months, after the club said they’d love to welcome the team, and their rescuers, to the Theatre of Dreams:

A classy move from United, and we hope the team will all soon be well enough to take them up on the offer.