Twitter Reacts to Mata’s Arrival

So, Juan Mata is a United player. That all happened pretty fast, didn’t it? Whilst everyone seems to agree he’s a top talent and and all-round lovely chap, there are many that doubt whether Moyes will make the most of Mata’s talents, and others that question his mastery of Microsoft Word.

Personally, I’m pretty bloody excited about our latest signing. If it’s a panic buy, I’d like to see us panic a bit more often.

But what does the rest of the world think about Mata’s arrival? We’ve trawled through Twitter to find some of the best reactions…

@DavidWillyMoyes (a parody account, in case you weren’t sure) hints at the terrifying prospect of Mata being played on the wing. Please don’t let this be a thing!

There’s been a fair amount of gushing praise for Mata’s classy farewell letter to the Chelsea supporters, but @RorySmithTimes isn’t impressed with the formatting. Let’s hope he does a better job of creating space on the pitch.

Mourinho’s timing with this transfer may have irked Wenger and Pellegrini, but @ReviewFootball are looking forward to next year, where Red Devil Mata could come back to haunt his old manager and remind Chelsea what they’ve lost.

@RobDavies_7 reckons some United fans have been keeping out of sight lately. But with Mata on-board, we can all wear the red shirt with pride again.

@RedNews were quick to remind fans that although Mata won’t be able to play for us in the Champions League, he’s totally clear to play in our biggest domestic cup competition. Shame we didn’t make it past the third round.

@Raveilis notes that Mata wasted no time updating his Twitter bio after his move to Man Utd, whilst Rooney prefers the rather less reassuring title of ‘@NikeUK athlete’.

And finally, @Squawka shared this Vine. I’d guess it will be a while before many fans are ready to view this transfer with such a sense of swaggering satisfaction, but make no mistake, we’ve got a hell of a player on our hands…