Should United Sign Sergio Ramos? Here are Some Arguments for & Against

Reports have claimed that Ramos’ relationship with Real Madrid began to deteriorate at the start of the summer, with friction over his contact extension talks, and it seems he may now be keen to leave the club.

David De Gea appears to be Real’s number one priority. He hasn’t made any clear statement as to whether he wants to stay at United or not, but most fans have accepted his departure is only a matter of time. United are reported to have told Real: “If you want De Gea, we’ll have Sergio Ramos,” sparking proclamations of Ed Woodward’s rapidly expanding cojones across the Twittersphere, as well as a few more sceptical responses…

Signing Ramos: The Pros & Cons


  1. Van Gaal likes a versatile player, and Ramos is able to play in several positions: CB, RB and CDM.
  2. He can change the course of a match, like he did in the Champions League final where he scored the header that sent the game into extra time extra time.
  3. He would bring much-needed experience to United’s back line. Whether his first choice partner is Smalling, Rojo or Jones, Ramos would help establish some defensive consistency and could help the likes of McNair & Blackett develop.
  4. He’s not afraid to “put himself about” – he’s up for a battle with the opposition forward and is willing to bend the rules in his team’s favour when necessary. He brings a mix of aggression and guile that’s currently missing from our defensive lineup.
  5. Higuain has said that Ramos is the best non-Argentine player in the world.


  1. He is 29, and his demand of 10 million euros per year seems a bit too much.
  2. As a second captain he gets booked easily, and has got himself sent off in some important games. He can go from hero to zero in instant, which is perhaps not what United need at the moment. Just remember some of his El Classico performances.
  3. If he does leave Real Madrid, the decision is ostensibly all about money. Is he using us to force a new contract with Real, or does he really want to join us?

With De Gea clearly happy to leave, and fans ready to move on, I’m inclined to think some sort of swap deal would be well worth pursuing. If we don’t sign Ramos, then Otamendi looks like the right man for us.