Paul Scholes reacts with disdain to United’s 2-0 Europa League defeat at Anfield


Paul Scholes, famously reticent during his years of loyal service at United, has been one of the more vocal critics of LvG and his team since becoming a pundit. Last month, Van Gaal even blamed Scholes for “creating a negative atmosphere” at Old Trafford with his comments.

Scholes has earned the right to voice his opinion though, and most fans will agree with the majority of what he’s said, particularly during BT Sports coverage of United’s abysmal surrender to Liverpool last night, when he was at his brutal best.

Below are a few key soundbites from the Ginger Ninja…

“I’d like to see United play a bit more. All they are doing is hitting the ball to Fellaini.

“Manchester United didn’t need a philosophy. They had one for 20 years.”

“I see Lallana rolling his studs over the ball, as if he’s taking the mickey. Someone tackle him. Smash him.”

“I don’t want them saying sorry on social media. Stop talking and start playing.”

If you missed the coverage, here’s a brief clip:

And here’s some of the reaction to Scholes’ entirely justified tirade…

Did you agree with Scholes that this was the worst performance from United under LvG so far? Let us know your thoughts!