VIDEO: Wayne Rooney’s Speech After Breaking England Goal Record


Wayne Rooney last night surpassed Manchester United and England legend Bobby Charlton to become England’s leading all-time goal-scorer, with 50 goals for his country.

Wayne isn’t exactly renowned for his oratorical prowess, and it would be a stretch to describe his speech as ‘rousing’, but it no doubt came from the heart.

He enters the dressing room to chants of “Roooney!” from his teammates, and goes on to say that he hopes players like Kane & Sterling might one day match and even surpass his record.

Public speaking might not be his biggest strength, but one thing you can’t fault him on is his passion for what he does, and he hasn’t broken Charlton’s record by accident. He deserves recognition for what he’s achieved, and whilst many say he’s burning out – “a bright flame painfully losing its dazzle” – I’m sure there are plenty of goals left, for England, and, most importantly, for United.

Congratulations Wayne.