The Quieroz Conundrum

As our precious club sways from one disastrous result to another, it is becoming more evident that David Moyes is in way over his head. You can take the man out of Everton…

After reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s recent tome, and seeing how he praises Carlos Quieroz’s abilities and experience, I cannot understand why he wasn’t approached to replace Fergie at Old Trafford last year. Here are a couple of quotes:

   “Brilliant, just brilliant, an intelligent, meticulous man.”

   “He was the closest you could be to being United manager without holding that title.”

And finally, and the most salient quote of all…

   “He had the qualities to be the next United manager.”

So what happened? Yes, he’s contracted to Iran and even managed to take them to the World Cup this year. But if Fergie couldn’t wait until after Brazil, why not promote Rene Meulensteen and Mike Phelan as caretaker managers until Carlos was free to take the position? It surely can’t be worse than what we are experiencing now.

Either the team doesn’t want to play Moyes’ style, or his style is not working. The fact that Smalling and Büttner occupied more playmaking positions than Kagawa and Valencia last night is worrying to say the least.

Whether a fit Rooney and RVP can turn this around is debatable, as this is a shadow of the team that won the league by eleven points last season. I am sure Moyes is an honest and decent man with a sincere desire to make United his own, and one can only wonder what clauses are in Moyes’ six-year contract, but continuing on the road we’re on is not an option.

Would Carlos Quieroz really want to come back for a third time, as our manager? I bet he would!