OPINION: Fergie Made Crap Players Believe They Were Great. LVG is Making Geniuses Play Like Crap!

It’s no easy 90 minutes watching United these days, and seeing them struggle past a workmanlike Preston last night was frustrating to say the very least.

Why are so many players not performing? I may be in the minority, but I actually feel sorry for Falcao – OK he’s had a few chances, but generally his service has been nothing short of abysmal, and it’s obvious that his confidence is at an all time low. Where is the creativity in this team? Answer: all over the park, but we’re hiding it exceptionally well.

Blind is a good example. There’s no question he’s a good tidy player who rarely gives the ball away as long as the pass is no more than 5-6 yards, but he seems to completely lack any cutting edge to his play. Herrera looked so promising when he arrived, but in last night’s game, especially in the first half, he played like a nervous wreck so worried about impressing the manager that he was basically useless. Di Maria is showing plenty of effort for the cause, but what has happened to arguably one of the world’s best players? He has looked pretty ordinary since arriving at United, and whilst I am still a great fan of his, I just want him to show us what he did for Real Madrid – if he plays like that instead of the way he is right now, his huge transfer fee might begin to look justified.

RVP looks like he’s still pissed off that Sir Alex retired one season after signing for us, and I think the best bet with him is to move him out in the summer and let him have his big pay day in Turkey or wherever before he retires. Falcao is obviously not going to be signed, especially for £40+ million, so we could well be looking for 2 strikers come July.

Rooney is played out of position week in, week out – maybe if he is permanently restored to the forward line, we might look like winning games before we go a goal down (in the Premier League so far under LVG, we have failed to win a single game when going a goal behind).

United continue to be frustrating to watch. The football in general is crap. The confidence doesn’t seem to be there, but we do at least seem to have some fight in us when we are behind.

We didn’t wake up against West Ham until we went behind, and again last night against lowly Preston, we didn’t do anything until we were a goal down. I really struggle to understand why we can’t start the game in that way rather than bore us for an hour then have us on the edge of our seats for the last 30 minutes.

Whilst it would be great to win the FA Cup, it will mean absolutely nothing if we fail to make the top 4, and whilst we keep playing like this, my fear is that we won’t secure that position.

Watching these performances simply increases my reverence for Sir Alex. I know every United fan worships the man, but it just makes you realize how bloody good he was. I am in no doubt that, with this squad at his disposal, he would have been dancing around Old Trafford again this May with yet another league title. Whatever LVG achieved at Ajax, Bayern and Barca, and whatever he may or may not achieve at United, Fergie was in a different league.