PHOTOS: 13 Pre-Match Pictures from Around Old Trafford Last Weekend

We took a few photos before the game against Tottenham on Saturday. If you were at the match, see if you can spot yourself!

Crowd walking to Old Trafford
The crowds make their way to the ground
Memphis Depay flag
Not much interest in the half n half scarves.
Schweinsteiger Ger-Manc T-shirt
The t-shirt printers have been busy.
Female Man Utd fan outside gate
A fan checks her phone before heading inside.
Cantona tattoo
Why bother with a shirt when you’ve got a tattoo like that, right ladies?
Man Utd fan with Schneiderlin shirt
Fans discuss the game ahead.
Man Utd fans waiting to cross road
Adidas stripes & sunnies was the look of the day.
Hotel football window reflection
Fans reflected in the Hotel Football window.
Old Trafford Break Expectations banner
Adidas don’t mess about with their photoshoots. Over on the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, their was a gigantic Phil Jones looking suitably ridiculous.
Helicopter over Old Trafford
Bet their view was good.
Couple approaches Old Trafford
The perfect couple’s day out, we’re sure you’ll agree.
Memphis Depay Scarf
Should that be ‘Memphis’?
Crowd approaching Old Trafford before Tottenham game
Old Trafford, we’ve missed you!

I don’t think I’ve ever been at a game where this many people were wearing the United strip. The Mail reported that sales broke the existing Megastore record by a massive 50%, and you could certainly tell. I saw more Memphis – 7 shirts than any of our other new players, there were a fair few Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger shirts, but a conspicuous lack of Darmians – perhaps after his impressive debut, that will change. You can Get your own shirt from the OFFICIAL ONLINE MEGASTORE here.

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