Paul Pogba is massively underrated at Man United

For four tournaments in a row, Paul Pogba has been nothing short of astonishing for the French national team.

The former Juventus midfielder has come under criticism ever since his big money move to the Old Trafford in 2016. He has been blamed for every manager’s lack of tactical fluidity. Under Jose Mourinho, Pogba reportedly lacked discipline and performed zero defensive duties.

Under current manager whom majority of the United fan base agrees lacks tactical nous, Pogba is also blamed for the team’s lack of cohesion. Bruno Fernandes’ goals, although largely penalties and opposition mistakes, have also beclouded most people’s judgement that there is more to an under performing United than the skillful Frenchman.

First, let us examine the defensive abilities argument. Who buys a £100m for defensive duties? Pogba has shown time and again that his best football is played when he has a world class defensive midfielder behind him like Kante in the national team, and Vidal at Juventus.

Before joining United, Pogba had played in the UCL final against Barcelona, played the Euro 2016 final, and won multiple Serie A titles.

In 2018, he won the World Cup with France in Russia, receiving praise from even his club coach Jose Mourinho. Pogba’s template is public. There is nothing secret about what a manager needs to do to get the best out of him.

According to best online casino, the 28 year old is a better player with a Kante-esque defensive midfielder than a Fred-esque player. His style of play is fluid, distributing passes and shooting on goals. He likes to roam in the opposition area looking for opportunities.

During the 3-3 draw (actually a loss) versus Switzerland, Pogba’s preference was obvious as he kept moving forward until he fired a beautiful shot that got nominated as one of the best of the Euro 2020 tournament.

While he may not score as many goals as Fernandes, Pogba scores when it really matters such as his brace against Manchester City in 2018 which stopped United’s noisy neighbours from celebrating right at the Old Trafford.

In the recently concluded UEFA Nations League, the United midfielder was again impressive as his team won the tournament. Pogba plays with players who have excellent understanding of the game whenever he is with the national team.

United should blame their player recruitment strategies for bringing in sub-par qualities to partner the brilliant Frenchman in the middle of the park.