Manchester La La La Meets the Fans – Man Utd v Liverpool (Part 1)

On Sunday, we spent some time talking to fans outside Old Trafford prior to kick-off.

The atmosphere was nowhere near as electric as you’d normally expect before a game against our biggest rival, but the mood amongst most of the fans we spoke to was surprisingly positive.

The majority of fans wanted Moyes to stay, and felt that our 2 big signings will eventually come good. Maybe they just wanted to show their support for the camera, but there seemed to be sincerity in what they were saying.

Obviously, the emotions after the game were very different. Watching these interviews now, it’s easy to argue any optimism was misplaced. But the season was already a write-off before a ball was kicked against Liverpool, so the overall sense of acceptance of where United are at right now may still stand for most of these fans.

See what they had to say in the videos below, and stay tuned for part 2…