OPINION: Van Gaal is Turning United from Tenderloin to Turkeys

Over here in the USA, we are busy preparing for Thanksgiving. Watching United against PSV was roughly as exciting as watching the bird roast in the oven for 2 hours.

What is Van Gaal doing on the training pitch? This brand of football is arguably the worst seen at Old Trafford for a number of decades. Forget results – yes we are 2nd in the league and still have an outside chance of going to the knockout stages of the Champions League – but the football is pure and utter crap.

The players look like they are not enjoying themselves at all. There’s no freedom of expression; they look nervous and worried to mess up, rather than enjoying what they do best.

The fans booing the team off the pitch has been a rare scene at Old Trafford in the past 30-plus years, but that’s how it ended last night.

Martial started his United career brilliantly. King Louis then decided to move him to the left. The player lost his confidence and has been bang-average ever since, reminiscent of 12 months ago when he did exactly the same with Di Maria.

The football is so pedestrian. No ideas. No flowing movements. Aesthetically unpleasant at best.

The honeymoon is over for Van Gaal. He’s been there long enough and should be able to deliver a brand of football that does not only gain points but entertains the fans in the stadium and around the world glued to the box.

Our football right now makes Mourinho’s negative teams of the past look exciting. Whatever happens in the next 6 months, unless he greatly changes the style of football, I hope that LVG is history come May and we bring in a young manager, whether it be Giggs, Pochettino or Pep, that can get United winning with some style.