Man Utd Trio Lined Up for Weird Home Alone Remake?

OK, this may well have been floating around for a while, but when we spotted this surface in a football lookalikes discussion on Facebook, we had to share it. The mix of comedy and creepiness is just too good.

Maybe a Home Alone reboot featuring these 3 United stars isn’t such a dreadful idea… There have certainly been plenty of times I’ve been yearning to see Marouna Fellaini take a hot iron to the face, whilst Wayne Rooney could surely conjure a convincing performance as an inept but committed career criminal, and, well, ok, the less said about Januzaj’s resemblance to a post-Party Monster MacCaulay Culkin the better. Hopefully the Belgian boy’s recent lack of appearances has nothing to do with a newly-discovered enthusiasm for drugs and cross-dressing. Of course, these aren’t the only Man United lookalikes…

De Gea has been compared to everyone from Wolverine to Peter from Jumanji to a rather dashing llama.

de gea llama

But it’s surely Phil Jones, with various his meme-spawning gurns, who boasts the best collection of lookalikes…

There’s Beaker from the Muppets, that ugly fish thing, and a lady’s leather bag, for starters.

phil jones beaker

phil jones blob fish

phil jones leather bag

Have you noticed any amusing Man Utd lookalikes? Let us know!