Danger at United? More Like a Full-Blown Emergency

Our latest post cited an 80% approval rate for LVG. 80% my ass. It’s not the majority yet that want him sacked, but his actual approval rating is surely less than 50%. Personally, from what I’ve seen, I think he’s fucking useless, and is leading us into the quasi-Liverpudlian wilderness. What he’s done to some top players is criminal, and his vilosophy is a million miles from Manchester.

He’s there for 3 years at most, and he should be following our great traditions and building on them, rather than tyrannically trying to change a club that has history and 600 million fans around the world, many of whom will go missing if this shambles continues.

Swansea were in relegation form since Christmas prior to playing us at the weekend, but, echoing Max’s sentiments in the previous post here, you can’t keep playing crap every week and get away with it.

Frankly, this is no better than last year. It’s arguably extreme, but some fans are saying this is the worst United team and manager for 50 years. Personally I don’t know one United fan that gives Van Gaal the thumbs up, and that includes those both old and young. Every game he looks like he’s going to a Microsoft conference with his stupid black book. Whatever is in there Louis, it ain’t fucking working. He never gets off the bench to encourage his team; they look totally lost and totally CLUELESS like never before.

The form has to change for any chance of that vital top 4 finish. I hope he can do it, and if not I hope they boot him out. On Saturday night, I was out with a Chelsea fan, and even he said that with United’s current squad of players, Fergie or Mourinho would have won the league this year, and he couldn’t believe what has happened to Di Maria.

If I was the owner of United, because of the huge consequences of not qualifying again for the Champions League, I would very possibly take the bold step of firing him today and get Giggs along to take over, with Gary Neville as deputy, telling these players to play the Manchester United way. That pride and passion has been glaringly absent; we have not played well once this season – the last time was actually on pre season tour against LA Galaxy. What has he done that really gives us any belief we can finish above Spurs, Liverpool and Southampton, as we definitely won’t finish above City, Chelsea and Arsenal. It’s by no means inconceivable that we could finish in exactly the same place as last season after spending £150 million.

The ramifications of failure this season are like no other – the top 4 will be able to attract the very best players, they will have the new TV money, the Champions League to attract the best, and the gap between the top 4 and the rest will just widen further. If we fail, we could be out in the wilderness for possibly a generation. To me, it’s unacceptable given the backing this manager had with transfer funds not to have been able to motivate this group of players or tactically get it right in games to finish in the top 4. In truth we should have been challenging for the title without the the pressure of expactation that we should win it. Let’s not forget we didn’t exactly cover ourselves in glory at Yeovil, Cambridge or Preston – 3 times against lowly opposition, we were very poor.

We have had no other distractions, but so far we have shown nothing like the form we are capable of, and there are difficult fixtures still to come – it’s not looking too promising. The reality is that Van Gaal has been found out, beaten by the toughest if not the best. He’s not up to it, and at his age it isn’t easy to adapt.

The football United are playing is 100% crap – boring and just downright ugly at times. It’s possession, possession and more possession, but with absolutely no penetration. It’s like watching an opening batsman at Lords come to the crease at 10am, stay there till 6pm, and not score a single run! It’s just like last season – you know what you’re going to get, and it ain’t going to be pretty. It’s been a huge disappointment – I think all United fans had high hopes when he was appointed, increasing only further when he was given so much money to spend. Another thing I can’t understand is why let both Welbeck and Chicharito go when clearly we have zero pace up front. Yes we have Wilson, but he’s still a kid learning, and it’s totally unfair to think we can rely on him to come on and change a game. In my opinion, this was bad management, and has most likely cost us a few points this season.

Simply put, I am totally disgruntled, as are 99.9% of United fans that I know. If we don’t finish in the top 4 come May, surely he has to go.