Are We Heading for Another Deadline Day Disaster?

Last year’s transfer window was an absolute disgrace. We were being linked with some world class names – the kinds of players that might have just given our team a fighting chance following the departure of the greatest manager to grace the British game. From the ridiculous Ronaldo rumours to the Fabregas farce, we had to endure it all.

After being linked with a host of stellar talent, we ended deadline day with a last minute Marouane Fellaini deal for £7m more than we could have paid a month earlier. For some time on the final day of the transfer window, we were being strongly linked with Ander Herrera. A bizarre story where it was understood United had sent out reps to deal with the transfer, only for them to turn out to be impostors. We effectively ended the window with one player for a team that needed work in several areas.

A year on, and we’re still in need of some serious reconstruction work. We’re less than 2 weeks away from the deadline for pen to be put to preposterously pricey paper. Surely, Van Gaal would have been allowed to sanction a transfer for a player before we kick our first ball of the season in anger. Yet still we started the 2014/15 Premier League off missing a number of players through injury or fitness issues, with the World Cup hangover still taking its toll.

One of our only purchases of the season is injured, and to add insult to that injury, the little French lad that played left back is now plying his trade in Turin. So now we’re stuck with Ashley Young as our first choice left wing-back. Ashley Young with major defensive responsibilities; good god. In the pre-season he flattered to deceive, but then I realised Young has the penchant for turning it on when there’s nothing at stake. When the season actually starts, Young starts to mail it in, and we inevitably get pissed off with him.

Ed Woodward has been shouting big about the fact we have “loadsa money” and that we should “watch this space.” Well Ed, we’re watching and not much has happened. Credit where it’s due, he signed Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera early on, and it was looking promising; a statement of some level of intent. However, two weeks away from the end of the transfer window, and our opening game seems to have caught the incompetent Mr Woodward staring blankly at his navel.

So when the transfer window shuts, will it hit our arse on the way out? I seriously hope not, but as of yet we’ve not seen much to encourage us. I hope that we will not be scrambling about like last year, trying to fill the gaps on the last day and ending up with another poor but expensive signing.

Throughout the summer, we’ve been linked again with high quality talent, and today, along with the Di Maria stories that most of us dare not get excited about, we’re being touted as suitors for ageing alice-band-wearing pretty boy Philipe Mexes.

Alarm bells are a ringing. And the times? They don’t seem to be a changing.