Man Utd Release De Gea Statement & Insist Club “Acts Efficiently in its Transfer Dealings”

There’s been some serious deadline day drama going down with De Gea’s last-minute move to Madrid collapsing amidst farcical circumstances, with Real blaming United for sending their documents through too late. United have now released an official statement about the failed deal, which would have seen Keylor Navas move this way, placing the blame squarely with Real Madrid.


The statement opens with the announcement that “the club feels compelled to provide some clarification,” and confirms that yesterday’s offer for De Gea was the first it had received. The process began at lunchtime, with the De Gea and Navas deals “dependent on each other.”

United sent its documentation back at 20.42 BST, then, at 22.32, there was a key moment – Real returned De Gea’s documentation, but without the signatory page. 8 minutes later, United received fresh documentation which contained major changes, putting the deals at risk.

Things seemed to be back on track when, at 22.55, the documents needed to cancel De Gea’s contract were received by United, but Navas’ documentation had still not been returned by Real at this point.

The final development noted in Man Utd’s statement is as follows: “At 22:58 BST, the transfer agreement was sent back by Manchester United, uploaded onto TMS and accepted – all before the deadline.”

So why didn’t the deal go through? The United statement offers the following explanation…

de gea statement

Signing off, the statement, which has more than a whiff of pro-Woodward propaganda about it, insists “Manchester United acts appropriately and efficiently in its transfer dealings.” Some fans may beg to differ, but in this instance at least, it does appear that we didn’t do anything wrong.

Finally, the statement reads: “The club is delighted that its fan-favourite double Player of the Year, David de Gea, remains a Manchester United player.” It seems unlikely De Gea shares this sentiment himself, but hopefully we’ll see him back to his best for however long we manage to keep him. Dave – if you’re feeling a bit confused, this might help you get your head straight.