How Long Will the Fans Give Mourinho?

Let’s be honest – many, if not the majority of United fans, never wanted Mourinho in the first place. Personally I wasn’t unhappy with the choice considering who was seemingly available, but over the past couple of seasons, I’ve been talking more about the likes of Koeman, Pochettino and Simeone in my posts. I believe United’s biggest mistake was not appointing Mourinho three years ago, and instead giving the biggest job in football to Moyes. Thanks to him, we have been in free-fall ever since, and currently with little sign of change.

United are playing dreadful football, no better than we have been for the past three seasons, and let’s not kid ourselves – if we hadn’t got a last-second winner at Hull, that would be four games without a win.

Tactically, we look totally clueless. Pogba is playing way too deep, we’ve got two strikers on the wings, and Fellaini, despite signs of improvement, remains below the level required for a United midfielder. As for Rooney, accommodating him in the starting 11 will in my opinion be Mourinho’s downfall unless he does something immediately.

You go through United’s squad and compare it to Liverpool’s, and other than Mane and Coutinho, who would you want at United? But Klopp has them playing some great stuff, and arguably the most attractive and exciting football in the league. So what does that tell us? The problem lies with the manager and his coaching staff, and I for one feel he has no more than 10 more games to show that he hasn’t lost the plot, otherwise the United faithful will turn on him and want him out. It’s difficult enough having to catch City and Liverpool playing so well, without our own team playing so badly.

I really have no idea who they could replace him with, but if things don’t improve very quickly, surely Giggs wouldn’t do any worse, and I dont think for one second his bum would be stuck to the chair like it was under loser Van Gaal.

To clarify, I am not calling for Jose’s head after 5 games, but I will be after 15 if nothing has changed and he’s still picking Rooney and Fellaini, and playing Pogba and others out of position.

Mourinho needs to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility. If he picked the right team and played players in the correct positions, the odd bad call by the ref wouldn’t really matter.