How Long Since Arsenal Last Won a Trophy?

United’s season has been a jolting disappointment so far, but things could always be worse… At least we’re not Arsenal.

Following Ricky’s post on which team United fans would prefer to win the league, I asked the same question on Reddit.

Chelsea seems to be the fans’ choice:

“Chelsea, because f*ck City and Liverpool. Arsenals fans are the most stuck-up people I know, so f*ck them too.”

“I don’t want City to win because obvious. Therefore it’s between the Londoners, and I just can’t stand Arsenal’s supporters so I’ll go with Chelsea.”

“Chelsea because it’s funny if Arsenal’s trophy drought continues.”

How Long Since Arsenal Last Won a Trophy?

There is definitely some light relief to be gained from Arsenal’s situation. How long since Arsenal won a trophy? That’d be 8 years, 9 months.

Handily, someone has created a lovely little Arsenal trophy drought counter at:

There’s also a #sincearsenallastwonatrophy hashtag on Twitter. Here are some of the best Tweets: