Giving Moyes a Chance

This is the real test period for D.M. and lets hope for the sake of the club we can come through these next 4 games with all 12 points and shoot us up the league to where we need to be come the new year. Moyes is the manager as we are very aware and he needs the support to hopefully get it right.We should also remember he did not buy Young, Anderson, Nani, Bebe and he didn’t let Pogba and Morrison go . We are without RVP and Carrick so its a challenging time to be the manager of the biggest club in the world. I believe we will  feel he has done OK as long as we finish in top 4 , get a run in the C.L. and win either the F.A. or League Cup . Come on you Reds , lets start with 3 points at Villa tomorrow and start climbing back up the table where we belong.