[VIDEO] George Best: The Movie

My mum has zero interest in football, but even she once described George Best to me as “an artist who painted pictures on the pitch.”

I wasn’t lucky enough to be alive when Best was playing for United, but I’ve heard plenty about him from older relatives, and seen enough archive footage to get some idea of his genius.

I also attended ‘Best of Friends’ – a panel discussion at the National Football Museum – a couple of years ago, where the likes of old teammate Paddy Crerand shared some of their fondest memories of their old friend George.

And when we asked some of our writers to name their all-time Man Utd best 11, he was described thus:

“Best, the boy who had the lot, with balance like no other player in the history of football. What a magnificent player – no words can describe him. Pele is widely regarded as the greatest footballer in history, and he says George Best was the greatest footballer of all time. Need I say more?”


So the news that there’s a possible George Best movie on the horizon will no doubt have fans young and old full of interest and excitement. Renaissance Films (the company behind Seve the Movie) want to produce the film, and have launched a FanFunding campaign through Tifosy to raise the £500,000 needed to make it happen. You can read lots more about the vision for the film and the impressive team involved in the project, and make your own contribution here.

Check out the new campaign video for the movie below: