Farewell to Moyes (to the tune of Cat Stevens’ Wild World)

Now that we’ve lost another game once more

You say you wanna start trying to score

And it’s breakin’ my heart we’re losing

Baby, I’m boozing


But if you wanna leave, you can go far

Back to Everton or even Villa

Or even as far as up north, Stranraer


Oh, Davie, Davie it’s a wild game

It’s hard to get by just upon a smile

Oh, Davie, Davie it’s a child’s game

We’d like to forget you, in just a while


You know we’ve seen a lot of what our team can’t do

As we’re losing by one or two

Because I never wanna see us playing

The way we’ve been displaying


But if you wanna leave, please leave now

The Glazers will find a way to pay you somehow

But just remember that you made a vow

That we would be winning


Oh Davie, Davie, it’s too tough for you

Trying to get by just with Roo

Oh Davie, Davie, you should have bought smart

But you and Woody can’t play the part


So when you’re gonna leave, please take care

We know you have a lot of good friends out there

But just remember there’s a lot of bad teams