Devils Digest #4

It’s amazing how quickly the mood can change with one decent result.

Beating West Brom should never be a remarkable thing, but what a contrast between the way we played on Saturday, and that soul-deadening surrender in Athens.

Right now, I can’t wait for our clash with the Scousers on Sunday – I hope Moyes gets the team selection right and the players do us proud, but in the back of my mind, I do wonder whether this is just another false dawn in a season where optimism has rarely been rewarded.

There are certainly a few selection headaches for DM, the most pressing of which is what to do with RVP – a player who seems to be edging towards all-out mutiny, shadowed by a local-lad who looks keen to take his place…

Welbeck goal challenges Moyes’ approach

Over on United Rant yesterday, there was a chance to reflect on whether the great build-up that led to Welbeck’s goal heralds some sort of genuine tactical step forward for United, or if it was really just an anomaly; another tantalising glimpse of United as we could be with a different man at the helm.

The worry is that, just like we did after a positive performance against Palace, we will simply regress back to the rigidity that has defined us this season, with creative players deprived of the right to free expression; artists reduced to cogs in an ugly, rusting machine.

As argued in the United Rant article, “with Valencia and Young both available, history suggests that the Scot will be unable to resist the temptation to start one or both against Brendan Rodgers’ improving side. In the battle between structure and creativity the former normally wins Moyes’ heart.”

But perhaps Moyes’ biggest decision for the Liverpool game will be weather to leave Robin on the bench and let Welbz share the stage with Sturridge, that other young English striker who is massively outshining our number 19 right now.

Read the full article on United Rant here.

Miguel Delaney on Ferguson’s Control in Media, Moyes and Mourinho’s Style of Football

Last week, Stretty News featured an interview with Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney). Miguel writes for ESPN, the Independent on Sunday and the Irish Examiner, and has some interesting insights about the game.

6 Questions You’d Love to Ask Former Manchester United Boss Sir Alex Ferguson

My final pick for this week’s Devils Digest is a post for Bleacher Report by Scott (@R_o_M), who shared six burning questions he wishes he could ask the greatest manager of all time.

Question 1 – perhaps the most topical – is “would anything tempt you out of retirement?”

Question 5 – marginally less pertinent with the improving form of Fellaini – is ‘why didn’t you address the midfield problem?’

There are also some tough questions about the Glazers, the Chosen One, and, of course, Bebe. I’d love to know the answers to some of these, but I’m not holding my breath!

Read the full article here.

That’s it for Devils Digest #4.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Manchester La La La at Old Trafford on Sunday – we’ll be filming interviews with fans before and after the game, so come and say hello!