Devils Digest #1

Welcome to the first weekly Devils Digest on Manchester La La La, where I’ll be sharing all things Red Devil-related from around the web.

There’ll be stuff to get you thinking, stuff to get you angry, and stuff to make you smirk in a season where we all desperately need a laugh.

Moyes – Out Of Time?

@SamHomewood from @FullTimeDevils posted this video on Monday, weighing up the arguments for and against Moyes keeping his job. He may be a blatant southerner, but I’ll admit this guy makes some decent points. He acknowledges Moyes’ achievements in getting Rooney back to his best and giving Januzaj his chance, but, like me, he can’t accept the rubbish results and the unwavering persistence with wing-play tactics that just aren’t working at all. Sam seems to be saying we should get a new manager in now whilst we still have the chance to reinvigorate the team – I’d like to know who he has in mind. Anyway, here’s what he has to say…

How do our youth teams look in comparison to City’s?

@ManUtdReserves posted a report on Republik of Mancunia on the two recent Manchester youth team derbies, after both the Under-18s and Under-21s faced off against the Blues. In case you missed it, City won both games, beating us 2-1 in the under-21 match, and 2-0 in the under-18 fixture. Read the report here.

A tale of two Moyes

@Okwonga at ESPN FC shared his take on the weird duality Moyes has displayed in his time as Man Utd manager. Personally, I think he would have been better off using the more obvious Robert Louis Stevenson (Jekyll and Hyde) analogy, rather than his slightly awkward Charles Dickens (Tale of Two Cities) framing, but introduction aside, he talks a lot of sense, looking at how Moyes could adjust his maddeningly ineffective tactics and start changing the mindset of the team. Read his post here.

An Ode to Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira

Finally, over at @CanManUtdScore, Andrew Neill (no, not the avuncular, orange-faced politics presenter off the telly) posted a reflective piece on Anderson today that’s well worth a read. If Mourinho had taken over, would this have been the season Anderson finally delivered on his promise? We’ll never know, but this article offers a pretty convincing defence of the burger-loving Brazilian’s virtues. Read the full Ode to Anderson here.