Imagining the Impossible Dream: Can We Live in Hope?

As we approach the game with Olympiacos tomorrow night, of course expecting a win, maybe, just maybe, we can achieve the impossible dream – win the Champions League and Liverpool finish 4th.

Come on United, give us something to really shout about in May after 9 months of quite depressing stuff. Can you imagine if we pulled that off, and at the same time eliminated Liverpool from next year’s Champions League? I seriously think it would be better than winning the Treble! It would surpass anything we have ever done, and Moyes would surely be in for a knighthood 😉

Is it an impossible dream? I’d say absolutely not. And whilst I am not suggesting for one minute that we are the best team in Europe, it’s knockout football, and as we have seen many times, the best team doesn’t always win. We have 7 games, win or draw, to lift that cup, and cause absolute misery on Merseyside. We can play a very disciplined game, and with Rooney and RVP, we are more than capable of scoring.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope in May we win it, and the Scousers all cry as one.