Would We Be Challenging for Title 21 if Sir Alex Was Still in Charge?

It’s well-documented that United played some pretty average football in the later stages of Fergie’s reign, but when you look at the current squad and compare it to what Sir Alex had to work with in his last season, it’s incredible to think that he won the league by 12 points. Where would we be with this squad of players under Sir Alex? My view is neck and neck with Chelsea as an absolute minimum, and feeling like a we had great chance of winning title 21. Fergie can only have dreamed of being able to choose between Rooney, RVP, Falcao, Wilson (and Fellaini) as his forwards, with Di Maria, Januzaj, Valencia and Young as his wide players, and Mata, Carrick, Herrera and Blind in the middle. But LVG seems intent on putting square pegs into round holes and continually playing players out of position.

I hate referring back to last season because I wanted Moyes out before he even got the job, and was celebrating in April when they fired him, but realistically, is this any better? The football is as bad as I have seen it – for large parts of the game we were outplayed by Burnley at home… is that really acceptable?

Can you recall the last time you honestly saw United play well and win convincingly? Yes we all loved beating Liverpool 3-0, but on another day that could so easily have been 3-5; anyone who thinks that scoreline was a fair reflection of the game is as deluded as LVG.

Tuesday night saw Liverpool and Spurs put on a real football match, with great pace, great commitment, and excitement from start to finish. Right now you can visualize both of these teams ripping United apart, and us relying on De Gea to avoid a cricket score.

As a fan of many, many years, have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. In my opinion, the recent performances have been inexcusably poor, and whilst I still hope LVG proves me wrong, I am definitely not convinced. From the moment Ferguson retired, I wanted Simeone. I still do, and if not him, then Koeman. If neither of those managers are available, then maybe Giggsy, as he really has seen it all – he experienced the very best with Sir Alex, the very worst with Moyes, and not much better with LVG.

I’m praying that for the cup tie at Preston, he will try Wilson and Rooney as the strikeforce with Mata and Herrera in midfield and see if we can do any better. Let’s be honest, Falcao and RVP are not at the races, and surely must be dropped, and as for Johnny Evans, if he is good enough to play for United then so am I!