Can United Win the League? 46% of Fans Think So

We have been running a poll since 17th August asking visitors to “Can United win the league this season?” Over 1,000 fans have now cast their votes, and the results are pretty close; 46.4% of fans have answered “YES”, and 54.6% have answered “NO”.

Can United win the title


I have to say I’m somewhat surprised – as much as I believe United should be fighting for the title, I am not especially optimistic about our chances this season, and expected a clearer majority to vote “NO”. Yes, the fans who believe we’ll be champions are in the minority, but not by much.

We’ve made a big money signing today, but I’m not convinced that would sway many people’s take on our title chances – Martial is an investment in potential, and ultimately a gamble; not a player who can instantly fire us to the top of the table.

What about the prevailing wisdom elsewhere? The Telegraph listed 10 reasons United can win the title last month, and before beating us 2-1, Swansea manager Gary Monk said we’ll be “right up there” challenging for the title this season.

Former Reds seem somewhat less hopeful. Andy Cole reckons “this doesn’t look like a team which will win the title” and Gary Neville said yesterday that United can’t be judged as title contenders at this point in time.

On Twitter, the mood also seems to be one of caution and doubt…

Our poll is still open, so add your vote below and let us know what you think of United’s title chances in the comments below.