STATS: Who Has Been the Best Goalkeeper of the 2014/15 Premier League Season?

Last year, I put together a post looking at top goalkeeper stats for the 2013/14 Premier League season. It proved pretty popular, so for the final weekend of the 2014/15 season, I’ve crunched all the key goalkeeper statistics for this campaign, ranking the best GKs across 7 different metrics, and then calculating an aggregate ‘La La La score’; a kind of performance overview for each keeper based on the position they ranked in each of those tables. If you want the data-driven verdict on who’s been this season’s best Premier League goalkeeper, you’ve come to the right place.

My analysis was based on the 14 goalkeepers who have played 30 or more games this season, with data taken from and

The tables below show top 10s, or more where multiple players are tied on the same figure. The final ‘La La La Score’ table includes all 14 keepers analaysed.


Most Cleansheets

F Forster 13
J Hart 13
L Fabianski 13
S Mignolet 13
T Courtois 12
D De Gea 10
B Guzan 9
T Heaton 9
Adrián 8
A Begovic 7
H Lloris 7
T Howard 7

4 keepers have managed 13 cleansheets this season, with Forster, Hart, Fabianski and Mignolet all equally ranked. By comparison, Cech was already up to 15 cleansheets by early April last year, so none of the keepers have achieved anything remarkable, then, on this front.

Most Cleansheets per Game

Cleansheets per Game
F Forster 0.43
T Courtois 0.38
J Hart 0.37
S Mignolet 0.37
L Fabianski 0.36
D De Gea 0.27
B Guzan 0.26
T Heaton 0.24
T Howard 0.23
Adrián 0.22

Cleansheets per game is a more accurate measure of a keeper’s record for keeping his net undisturbed. Forster has a clear lead in this table, followed by Courtois, then Hart and Mignolet, both on 0.37 cleansheets per game.

Fewest Goals Conceded

Goals Conceded
F Forster 21
T Courtois 30
J Hart 34
D De Gea 36
S Mignolet 37
A Begovic 42
T Howard 43
Adrián 45
L Fabianski 45
B Guzan 48
H Lloris 48

In terms of overall goals conceded, it’s Fraster Forster once again that leads the way. Forster made exactly 30 appearances this season before suffering a serious knee injury that could rule him out for up to a year, and has conceded 21 goals. Courtois, Hart and De Gea are, unsurprisingly, also high up the table, whilst, at the other end, Tottenham’s Lloris won’t be happy about conceding 48 goals in 34 appearances.

Fewest Goals Conceded per 90 Minutes

Conceded per 90 Minutes
F Forster 0.72
T Courtois 0.96
J Hart 0.97
D De Gea 0.98
S Mignolet 1.06
Adrián 1.23
A Begovic 1.24
L Fabianski 1.26
J Speroni 1.38
B Guzan 1.41
T Howard 1.41

Again, what’s more interesting is goals conceded per 90 minutes, as this gives a better reflection of the performance of each player based on actual time between the sticks. Yet again, Forster is the top keeper, having conceded just 0.72 goals per 90 minutes. This is considerably better than Courtois, Hart and De Gea, who have conceded 0.96, 0.97 and 0.98 goals per 90 minutes respectively.

% of Shots Saved

Shots Faced Saves % Saved
L Fabianski 174 130 75
Adrián 167 124 74
F Forster 81 60 74
D De Gea 128 92 72
J Hart 115 83 72
T Courtois 103 74 72
S Mignolet 121 86 71
T Heaton 174 123 71
H Lloris 152 106 70
B Guzan 148 101 68

This is my favourite goalkeeper stat – the percentage of shots they actually saved based on all the shots they faced. Whereas the entire defence plays a major role in cleansheets and goals conceded, this statistic gives more insight into how each goalie performed in terms of their shot-stopping record. Yes, a good defence will restrict the opposition to fewer shots from the most threatening positions, and no stat ever tells the full story, but as GK stats go, this feels like the purest.

With all that in mind, major credit must go to Swansea’s Łukasz Fabiański (75% shots saved), who deservedly won the players’ player of the year award, newcomer of the year and away player of the year at the club’s awards dinner on Wednesday.

West Ham’s Adrián is tied with Southampton’s Forster as the Premier League’s second best shot-stopper at 74% – Adrian was also ranked 2nd on this metric in my analysis last season.

Meanwhile, De Gea, Hart and Courtois have all recorded a 72% shots/saves ratio, but if you add a couple more decimal places, it looks like this:

Shots Faced Saves % Saved
J Hart 115 83 72.17
D De Gea 128 92 71.88
T Courtois 103 74 71.84

% of Games Won

Games Played Wins Win %
J Hart 35 21 60
T Courtois 32 19 59
D De Gea 37 20 54
S Mignolet 35 18 51
F Forster 30 15 50
H Lloris 34 16 47
L Fabianski 36 16 44
A Begovic 34 13 38
T Howard 31 11 35
Adrián 37 12 32

This stat is more a reflection of overall team performance, but as United fans have witnessed so often with De Gea this season, goalkeepers can definitely dictate results. As such, it seems worthwhile to compare the top 10 keepers based on percentage of games won when they were playing; Joe Hart is top on 60%, compared to 59% for Courtois and 54% for De Gea.


Distribution Success %
D De Gea 69
A Begovic 68
S Mignolet 68
H Lloris 66
T Howard 66
L Fabianski 63
F Forster 62
B Guzan 60
J Hart 57
T Courtois 57

Last year, I said De Gea needed to up his distribution accuracy from 62%, and it seems like he was listening! The United no.1 has recorded a 69% distribution success rate this season – the league’s best. Begovic and Mignolet also performed particularly well on this front, with Mignolet showing some consistency, and indeed slight improvement in this area, having been the second-best distributor of the ball last season. At the other end of the table, Hart and Courtois both have surprisingly poor distribution success rates, with fewer than 6 in 10 of their kicks and throws finding one of their own players.

La La La Score

F Forster 89
T Courtois 85
J Hart 84
D De Gea 82
S Mignolet 81
L Fabianski 72
A Begovic 58
Adrián 57
H Lloris 54
B Guzan 52
T Howard 52
T Heaton 46
J Speroni 38
R Green 33

This is my attempt to rank the top 14 keepers (those who have played 30 games or more) based on points awarded for their rank in each of the previous 7 tables, via some Excel Pivot Table tinkering. The score is out of 98, not 100, in case you were wondering.

First Place

Fraser Forster gets a La La La score of 89, making him statistically the best Premier League goalkeeper of 2014/15. With the 27-year-old seemingly hitting his peak and looking like he could challenge Hart for the England position, it’s massively unfortunate for the player that he could potentially be sidelined for a year. Hopefully he will get back to fitness sooner than that, and continue showing his quality in the EPL.

Second Place

Thibault Courtois scores 85, making him the Premier League’s second-best goalkeeper this season. We all knew he was a massive talent, and he had to live up to the billing to displace Petr Cech in Chelsea’s goal.

Third Place

Joe Hart scores 84, making him the third best GK in the Premier League. He seems to have regained any confidence he lost last season and, despite Kompany’s dodgy form in front of him, he’s looked incredibly consistent this campaign. The assertion that he’s the best keeper in the world is certainly flawed, but those who were mocking Hart not long ago may have to review their opinion of the City stopper.

I’ve ranked David De Gea as the fourth best keeper in the league – as much as I love him and pray that he stays with United for the next 10 years, and as brilliant as some of his performances have been, he’s ultimately conceded too many goals to be statistically ranked as the best. As a United fan, I wouldn’t choose to swap him for Forster, Courtois or Hart, but they have all had excellent seasons, and the standard of goalkeeping in the Premier League remains impressively high.

I hope you’ve found this data interesting, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Are you surprised that Forster has performed so well? Are there any other stats you’d like to see? Let me know!