3 of the Greatest and Most Popular Manchester United Players of the Modern Era

By Tim Opera


Although Manchester United’s fortunes have fallen off lately, the team still remains a perennial contender and holds all the team records in term of League Cups and Championships in the English Premier League. It is also the most popular Premier League team in terms of betting. If you want to join the millions who bet on Man U. games each week try out this site.

Along the way, the team has fielded some of the most talented and popular players in Football history as per gambling360. Perhaps their most iconic coach in their history is Sir Alex Ferguson who steered the team to many titles with in the Premier League and Europe wide.

He also coached some of Man U.’s best players to great success. With their current fortunes waning, we will take a look back to the players who excelled the most during the Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United era.

Cristiano Ronaldo

No list of great man U. players during the Alex Ferguson players would be complete without listing the league’s current best player Cristiano Rinaldo. While at Man U, he wore #7 and was nearly unstoppable on the pitch. His contract was purchased by the team when he was only 17 for an amount at the time that was criticized, but he quickly made all of his doubters recognize the wisdom in acquiring the super talented youngster.

The year was 2003 and Man U. was flying and Sir Alex wanted to continue things and he saw a young kid who could help with that. In 2007-8 Cristiano scored a league high 42 goals and led United to the Champions League title as well as the Premier League. He duplicated this feat the following year and always Kept Man U. at the top of the standings while he was with the club. He was traded to Real Madrid and immediately did the same for this iconic club proving that his greatness which began at Man. U was confirmed.

David Beckham

Yes the most recognized footballer in history had his glory years at Manchester United under Sir Alex. The relationship between the two was always contentious because both were such big stars but they shared huge success on the pitch.

With his boyish good looks, charming personality and undeniable style and talent, Beckham made Man U. impossible not to watch. At the age of 17 he came on the scene and eventually became the right fielder for the club. What followed was outstanding play particular in big games and playoffs. His notoriety grew particularly because of his ability to kick perfect corner kicks and his excelling at penalty kicks. He developed a physics defying ability to bend shots which would flabbergast goalkeepers. His great play and team leadership led to several championships for Man U.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane stands out as one of the greatest Premier League players of all time. He sets that standards for players who have been able to push their abilities to the utmost for the benefit of their team. His career was marked with the highest levels of competitiveness and an attitude that made everyone around him play at their highest potential. Man U recognized his unique and powerful skill set and tapped him as their captain from 1997 to 2005 where he won several cups and championships.

There are so many iconic games where Roy was the difference maker that it is difficult to cite only a few but the semifinal match against Inventus in the 1999 Champions League does stand out as a typical Roy Keane display. He nearly singlehandedly brought the team back from a 2-0 deficit to win the game 3-2. If you were to ask Sir Alex Ferguson who his real money slots favorite payer to coach was, it might be Roy Keane.

There are many other great players in the history of Manchester United, but in terms of both skill and popularity, these three are hard to beat.