OPINION: Wayne Rooney Deserves More Respect

October 19, 2016

Wayne Rooney is probably one of the best paid players in the Premier League today. However, the disrespect and ingratitude shown towards him lately, both by United fans and England fans, has been, in my mind, a little shameful. Wayne exploded onto the scene in 2002 with Everton , a sixteen year old street fighter. He. Read More »

rashford, pogba and mkhitaryan in training

IN SHORT: United’s Future is Young & Bright

October 15, 2016

Man Utd currently have the 8th youngest squad in the Premier League. Hardly a headline-worthy stat, but with an average age of 26.6, compared to City’s 28.4, and a mix of established top-level players still with their best years ahead of them, plus some tantalizingly promising prospects, the future looks undeniably bright for the Reds.. Read More »


How Long Will the Fans Give Mourinho?

September 21, 2016

Let’s be honest – many, if not the majority of United fans, never wanted Mourinho in the first place. Personally I wasn’t unhappy with the choice considering who was seemingly available, but over the past couple of seasons, I’ve been talking more about the likes of Koeman, Pochettino and Simeone in my posts. I believe. Read More »

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Home from Home: The return of much more than just Paul Pogba

August 13, 2016

It seems our most clinical and decisive transfer window in four years has come to a dramatic, albeit not that surprising conclusion, with the signing of Paul Pogba. The Frenchman, originally on our books since coming to us from Le Harve in 2009 at the age of 16, has left Juventus to come back, in. Read More »


Should United Sign Pogba?

July 13, 2016

As all United fans have been following the news on a daily basis as to who we are signing and possibly selling, there’s no chance of ignoring the supposed £100m bid for our ex-player Paul Pogba. So what’s your opinion? Do you think we should be signing an ex-player who basically walked out of our. Read More »

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These 3 players could form the core of Mourinho’s United, and they’re all already at the club

June 19, 2016

Jose Mourinho’s appointment has brought hopes, expectations and doubts among the United faithful, as he promises to revive the glory of the Ferguson era and help fans forget the past 3 years. Mourinho’s arrival has led to numerous world class players being linked with the club, most notably Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who wins the league everywhere. Read More »


Jose Mourinho: the man to lead United back to the top?

June 1, 2016

Louis van Gaal is gone, and Jose Mourinho will lead United from the beginning of the 2016/17 campaign.Van Gaal failed to inspire confidence during his two-year stint at Old Trafford but did manage to win the FA Cup – United’s first success since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.   If truth be told, the. Read More »

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It’s Over: Reflecting on Van Gaal’s departure

May 25, 2016

“It’s over.” Those were Louis van Gaal’s own brusque words to a Sky reporter on the steps of the Corinthia Hotel the day after United won their record-equalling FA Cup. At that moment, I actually felt a pang of sadness for this once great and respected manager. Don’t get me wrong, his two-year tenure at United has. Read More »

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OPINION: Youth will be Louis van Gaal’s ultimate legacy at United

May 23, 2016

The die is cast. Despite securing silverware at the death, Van Gaal’s tenure at Old Trafford has come and gone. Many fans will say they are glad to see the back of him. Mediocre results and a moribund playing style certainly didn’t win him a lot of plaudits. However, if there is one positive we. Read More »

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Jose Mourinho as Manchester United manager: What can we expect?

May 23, 2016

We have just witnessed one of the more exciting weekends of the past 3 years. Winning the FA Cup for a 12th time was fairly exciting stuff, but, harsh as it may have been for LvG, what happened within minutes of the final whistle eclipsed the trophy-winning performance and was perhaps an even more exciting prospect. Read More »